Mitchell Catholic Parishes consists of two parishes in Mitchell, SD: Holy Family Catholic Church and Holy Spirit Catholic Church, which form one vibrant Catholic community.


mc logo

Our logo includes an icon image of the Holy Family enveloped by the protective flames of the Holy Spirit to represent the identities of both churches. The flames also form a heart, representative of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is one of the oldest devotions of the Catholic Church and spirituality of the Pro Ecclesia Sancta order which serves our parishes. The color scheme includes earthy, muted tones such as rust red, gold, brown and blue, which represent the rural area of Mitchell, SD and the values of hard work and integrity ingrained in our agricultural foundation.


Holy Family Catholic Church

Mission Statement: The mission of Holy Family Parish is to live and promote the teachings of Jesus Christ as they relate to self, family, and community through prayers, love and concern for all.

Holy Family Church History


Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Mission Statement: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we celebrate and share a religious vision filled with gifts and gratitude to God. May the Lord enlighten our minds and open our hearts to receive His invitation to discipleship.

Holy Spirit Church History


Pro Ecclesia Sancta 

PES LogoThe priests of Holy Family and Holy Spirit belong to Pro Ecclesia Sancta (PES). PES is a new form of consecrated life whose fundamental characteristic is that it is made up of several branches: priests and consecrated men, consecrated men and laity under a single general president.

MISSION: PES exists to live and promote the vocation to holiness through the spiritually of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, thus contributing to the renewal, strengthening and expansion (by attraction) of the Catholic Church, so that Christ reigns, so that his Heart reigns. 

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